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Collaborative Testing Services' Subscription Information and Policies 

These Subscription Policies apply to all tests on this CTS website. Note that each CTS website has its own Subscription Information & Policies that pertain to the tests offered on that site.
The prices listed beside each test are in U.S. dollars. The price charged is determined by the address to which CTS ships the test samples.

Enrollment Deadlines

Enrollment deadlines are strictly adhered to. Please pay special attention to the deadlines indicated for each test and contact CTS if you have questions.

Order Process

Participation is on a prepaid subscription basis. Subscriptions do not commence until funds are received at CTS.

The order process starts with an Order placed on a CTS website or a Quote from CTS. A purchase order or payment must accompany the Order or accepted Quote. CTS will not continue the subscription order process without a payment/p.o.

Important: CTS acknowledges that many organizations use purchase orders to obtain goods and services. If you choose to send a purchase order, please note that purchase orders are billed upon receipt; payment terms are Net Due. Test samples will not be shipped until invoices are paid in full. Customers receive a shipment hold notification via e-mail if CTS has not received payment for test samples.

Payment Types Accepted

CTS accepts checks and VISA/MasterCard and AMEX. Checks must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank, made out to Collaborative Testing Services, Inc. Companies that prefer to send payments via ACH should submit ACH authorization forms to CTS’ accounting department.

We also accept electronic funds transfers from our international customers. International organizations that wish to send electronic funds transfers should contact CTS for bank information. To ensure the payment is received in its entirety, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay any bank or wire fees. 

Sample Replacement Policy

Requests for replacement of missing or damaged samples must be received no later than two weeks before the data due date. This is the minimum time frame in which we can guarantee you will receive the samples and still be able to complete the test by the deadline.

We suggest all package content be checked immediately upon receipt. All test samples are packaged independently of the outer wrapping. Therefore, opening the outer package to determine that all the contents are present and in good shape will not compromise the integrity of the test.

Cancellation Policy

This cancellation policy applies only to CTS Forensics tests. Please review all test descriptions carefully. We encourage you to contact CTS with any questions before you place an order to ensure that your laboratory subscribes to the tests that best fit your requirements.

1. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing. A cancellation request is made when a customer no longer wishes to receive test samples or reports.

2. Full CREDIT will be issued only if a test is canceled before the published initial enrollment deadline (e.g., November 1, March 15, or June 15) that pertains to the test. Credit must be applied to future CTS tests.

3. No credit will be issued if a Late Order Purchase (LOP) test is canceled.

4. No refunds will be issued. 

5. Samples are never re-used by CTS and therefore are not returnable. If a customer returns his sample package to our office, CTS will not provide a refund or credit of any portion of the subscription fee.

6. Failure to remit a test fee and any applicable shipping charges in a timely manner is considered by CTS to be a cancellation request.

7. A test may be withdrawn if there are not enough subscribers to ensure the validity of the results. Test fees for withdrawn tests are refunded in full by CTS.

International Orders

While all samples are labeled “No Commercial Value” some countries may assess duties and/or taxes. Customs, brokerage, and import fees are not included in the shipping charges or test fees. It is the responsibility of the recipient to pay those charges. Similarly, the recipient is responsible for providing any additional import documents that may be required by customs agencies.

CTS will make every effort to ensure proper delivery of your samples. All samples are sent via selected couriers to assure traceability; we automatically use a tracking service to locate lost shipments. If necessary, the decision to send replacement samples or issue a credit will be made on a case-by-case basis. However, CTS will not issue credits for samples that are delayed or refused entry into your country, or are unclaimed by the recipient.

Due to the automated nature of CTS’ sample packaging and shipping process, international customers may not specify a courier or delivery method. Rather, the customer must accept the shipper selected by CTS. With each sample package, CTS will include a standard commercial invoice (and an import/export permit if required for Drug Analysis samples). CTS cannot honor requests for custom, individual or additional shipping documents.

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

All feedback, complaints and appeals shall be submitted in writing through one of the methods provided in the Contact Us page. CTS will acknowledge all submissions.


Participation in an interlaboratory testing program compares a laboratory’s ability to conduct a particular test against other participating laboratories. The consensus results, however, are not a guarantee of performance.

CTS does not in any way “grade” the forensic test results. Whenever a laboratory chooses to submit its test results for accreditation, the laboratory’s accrediting body solely determines whether or not that laboratory has met its proficiency testing requirement.

Collusion and falsification of results are prohibited. If collusion or falsification of results is identified, CTS may exclude participant results and will notify the participant(s) of CTS' decision.

If a sample distributed by CTS for use in a test should prove to be defective, CTS’ liability is limited to replacements of the samples, if time and supplies permit, or a refund of the test fee if the sample cannot be replaced.

Updated: 18 August 2017


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