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Worry-Free Forensics Testing

With all the demands on your forensics laboratory, the last thing you need to worry about is the reliability of your test results or your test provider. Collaborative Testing Services (CTS) combines extensive experience with extraordinary customer service to deliver exactly the forensic interlaboratory tests you need. Whether you require proficiency testing of experienced personnel or want to be involved in the research and development of new techniques, CTS offers a high-quality yet cost-effective program designed specifically for forensic laboratories.

An Industry Benchmark

With 40 years of experience in forensics interlaboratory testing and decades of active industry participation, we set the benchmark for forensic tests. CTS also simply outperforms any other test provider: we offer the greatest variety of tests and test frequency to ensure that your laboratory can get the tests it needs when it needs them. In addition, our knowledge combined with the volume of tests we conduct allows us to produce a first-class and reasonably-priced program. CTS combines all of its advantages to produce two outstanding series of tests: Proficiency Tests, which may be used to meet the external test requirements for ASCLD/LAB accreditation and are widely accepted by accreditation bodies worldwide; and Research Tests, conducted for a number of purposes, such as determining the practicality of a potential proficiency test or exploring the limits of current testing techniques. Forensic science is not static and neither is CTS – new tests are always in development.

Meeting Your Needs

Our testing process is designed to work as a smooth adjunct with your normal laboratory routines. CTS uses a variety of technology tools to ensure timely communication with its subscribers: notifications are sent via e-mail regarding sample shipments, availability of test manufacturer’s statements, etc., while the CTS Portal provides customers with a real-time way to track the progress of all tests, enter and store data, access current and prior reports, and view order history. However, we never lose sight of the fact that sometimes you need to connect with a real person: the staff at CTS takes pride in responding to your questions quickly and knowledgably. Most importantly, you can be assured that the CTS forensic interlaboratory tests will reliably meet your needs.


May 21, 2018

18-545 Paint Analysis

May 16, 2018

18-564 Blood Alcohol Analysis

May 9, 2018

18-5550 Mobile Digital Evidence - Android

May 9, 2018

18-5161/2/5 Latent Print Examination

May 2, 2018

18-5840/1/2 DNA Database-Saliva

April 20, 2018

18-5701 Forensic Biology

April 17, 2018

18-5801 DNA-Mixture

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May 21, 2018 - May 24, 2018

2018 ASCLD Symposium

Jun 03, 2018 - Jun 08, 2018

AFTE 2018

Jul 29, 2018 - Aug 04, 2018

The IAI's 103rd International Forensic Educational Conference

Sep 24, 2018 - Sep 27, 2018

The 29th International Symposium on Human Identification

Oct 07, 2018 - Oct 12, 2018

Society of Forensic Toxicologists Annual Meeting 2018

Oct 09, 2018 - Oct 12, 2018

17th Annual AFQAM Training Conference

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